Pastor & Sister Weber

Chris and Michelle Weber first came to Lompoc as part of the Air Force in 1985.  Chris was a new 2nd Lieutenant with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  While serving in the Air Force, Chris and Michelle attended The Gospel Lighthouse until 1999 at which time they, and their 2 daughters, left for the mission field in Brazil.  After 15 years in Brazil, they returned to Lompoc in 2012 to pastor the Gospel Lighthouse.  

Michelle, a local Certified Public Accountant, is the music minister and Sunday school director at the Gospel Lighthouse.

Their 2 daughters, Elisabeth and Alana, are also active in ministry at The Gospel Lighthouse.



Philip & Dolores Barlow

Philip Barlow is the head of all multi-media.  He is also The Gospel Lighthouse's main service and worship leader.

Dolores Barlow is The Gospel Lighthouse's secretary/treasurer.

Elisabeth Weber

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Elisabeth Weber is the co-music minister at the Gospel Lighthouse, a singer, and a musician.  She is also one of the main Sunday school teachers.  Elisabeth is an RN and works at a local hospital.

Alana Weber

Alana Weber is one of the main singers at The Gospel Lighthouse.  She also helps with multi-media, is one of the main Sunday school teachers, and is the director of the Quotes of Life team.  Alana is a software engineer at a local software firm.